HBO invited us out to party with them again! This time for the True Blood Season 4 premiere party. The old Hollywood Athletic Club was transformed into “Fangtasia.” Each room was perfectly themed and took on its own personality. The “White Room” had its walls lined with wood planks and thousands of candles. The “Black Room” was setup as a lounge with giant photo posters of the cast as a backdrop to the bar. We setup 2 photo booths, one downstairs in the “Red Room” and the second booth was upstairs in the “Seance Room.”  True Blood (the beverage) was served up all night along with other themed cocktails.  The roaming fortune tellers and phychics kept everyone entertained along with the photo booths of course! We had lots of fangs on hand for all the Vamps in training to use in the photo booths.

Enjoy some photos of Fangtasia!

Welcome to Fangtasia!

Candle wall entrance.

The Red Room

Photo Booth #1 in the Red Room

True Blood pillow in the "Red Room"

Candle wall in the "White Room"

The White Room

The White Room

The Seance Rooms

Photo Booth #2 in the "Seance Room"

Here are some photos from the craziness inside the photo booths…including some photos of Vampire Bill!

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